Child Protection Girl

Inter Agency Guidance

Copies of procedures and guidance agreed across agencies in Glasgow can be found here

Inter Agency General Procedures

pdf icon Initial Referral Discussion - Multi Agency Guidance [306kb] 

Inter agency Child Protection Guidance - revised West of Scotland Procedures (new child protection procedures, now operational)

pdf icon Inter Agency Guidance [387kb] (previous child protection guidance, no longer operational - these are provided for reference only)

pdf icon Fabricated or Induced Illnesses in Children [123kb] - multi-agency practice guidance

Vulnerable Young Persons Procedures

Glasgow Child Protection and Adult Protection Committees pdf icon Young Person Support & Protection Inter Agency Procedure [225kb]
(updated Vulnerability Procedures)

pdf icon Assessment of Care Toolkit [6Mb] (formerly known as the Neglect Toolkit)

pdf icon Prevent Inter-Agency Guidance 2016 [95kb]

pdf icon Child Protection, Internet and New Technology Guidance Notes May 2013 [154kb]

pdf icon Children & Young people involved in substance use [84kb] 

pdf icon Multi-agency Protocol for Risk Management for Children & Young People with Sexually Problematic Behaviour [163kb]

pdf icon Safeguarding Children who may have been Trafficked [532kb]

pdf icon Safeguarding Children and Young People at Risk of Sexual Exploitation [157kb] 

pdf icon Vulnerable Children & Young People at Risk Significant Harm Procedure [329kb]  

pdf icon Retrospective Review of Risk Factors for Suicide in LAAC in Glasgow [1Mb]

pdf icon Vulnerable Young Person & Intensive Support and Monitoring Service Guidance - Dec 2009 [46kb]

Child Trafficking Procedures

pdf icon Child Trafficking Assessment Form [78kb] 

pdf icon Inter Agency Guidance for Child Trafficking & Exploitation [260kb] 

pdf icon Inter Agency Guidance for Child Sexual Exploitation [275kb]

pdf icon Child Trafficking - Journey So Far [367kb] 

General Procedures

word icon Notification of Concerns Form [295kb]  also known as the Shared Referral Form

pdf icon Children and Young People Involved in Serious incidents of Self Harm [168kb]

pdf icon Glasgow Graded Care Profile [1004kb] 

pdf icon Graded Care Record Sheet [36kb] 

pdf icon Working with young people who are sexually active [82kb] 

pdf icon Children & Young people involved in substance use [84kb] 

pdf icon Inter Agency Guidance on Vulnerable Women During Pregnancy [775kb] 

pdf icon Inter Agency Guidance on Working with Hostile and Uncooperative Families [37kb] 

pdf icon Vulnerable Missing Children & Young People Alert Protocol [157kb]

pdf icon West of Scotland Resilience Portfolio [1Mb]

Speak to someone

Social Care Direct:
0141 287 0555
Request a Children's Service

101 - non emergency
999 - in an emergency 

Scottish Children's Reporters Administration:
0131 244 2100

Child Line:
0800 11 11

Glasgow & Partners Emergency Social Work Service:
0300 343 1505

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Significant Case Review

Significant Case Review Protocol, Guidance Notes and published documents can be found here



Public Protection Newsletters can be found here.