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All adults have a responsibility to protect children from harm.  This includes not only parents and professionals but also family members, friends, neighbours and members of the public.

This section will allow you to find out more about:

What might make you concerned

What is child abuse?

What to do if concerned

Will I need to give my name

What happens next

What will happen to the child and family

What might happen if you do not report your concern

Useful Links

pdf icon General Information Leaflet [1Mb]

Keeping Children Safe

Police Scotland have introduced the Keeping Children Safe scheme.  This allows any member of the public to raise concerns they have about a person who has contact with their child.  For more information including how to raise a concern.

Forced Marriage

Being emotionally or physically forced to marry is not only wrong but it is illegal.  A campaign to raise awareness of forced marriage and help those at risk is currently running across Scotland.  For information and advice visit or call the free 24-hour helpline on 0800 027 1234

Speak to someone

Social Care Direct:
0141 287 0555
Request a Children's Service

101 - non emergency
999 - in an emergency 

Scottish Children's Reporters Administration:
0131 244 2100

Child Line:
0800 11 11

Glasgow & Partners Emergency Social Work Service:
0300 343 1505

Glasgow City Carers Partnership's Carers Information Line
0141 353 6504 or visit yoursupportglasgow

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Glasgow Public Protection Learning Review

Glasgow Public Protection Learning Review Protocol, Notification forms and published documents can be found here.



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