Glasgow's vision

Glasgow's children have a right to feel safe and be protected. In Glasgow, all services have a responsibility to ensure children are safe and their needs met. Services will work in partnership with children and their families and communities wherever possible to achieve this.   

To achieve this vision we will work:

  • To ensure strategic leadership and ownership of activity in Glasgow to protect children and young people
  • To improve co-operation between agencies in Glasgow in their work to protect children
  • To enhance the development and delivery of services in Glasgow.

Most children grow up in homes where they are loved and well cared for.   However sometimes a child may be harmed or mistreated in a way that is abusive.  In such cases it is important that the child and his/her family receive help and support to ensure that the child is properly cared for and protected.

Glasgow Child Protection Committee (CPC) is the primary strategic planning mechanism for inter-agency child protection work in Glasgow. It is responsible for ensuring that agencies respond in a co-ordinated way to the identification of, response to, and prevention of, child abuse.

Glasgow Child Protection Committee meets every eight weeks and its activities are taken forward by the Child Protection Lead Officer, participating agencies, and a number of sub-groups and short-term working groups.  pdf icon Constitution 2023 [191kb]

In this section you can find out more about the Committees:

Speak to someone

Social Care Direct:
0141 287 0555
Request a Children's Service

101 - non emergency
999 - in an emergency 

Scottish Children's Reporters Administration:
0131 244 2100

Child Line:
0800 11 11

Glasgow & Partners Emergency Social Work Service:
0300 343 1505

Glasgow City Carers Partnership's Carers Information Line
0141 353 6504 or visit yoursupportglasgow

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